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We’re committed to serving you with quality and value.

VSK Machining has long committed to being the best in design and manufacturing in North America. Based in Scarborough, Ontario and servicing both Canada and the United States, we have provided parts, prototypes, assemblies and sub-assemblies for the military, automotive, aerospace, food, energy and mining sectors since 1999. We have been profoundly driven by customer satisfaction providing manufacturing needs for small and large components and from custom parts to large quantity orders.

People, Technology, Quality.

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Our network has given us the advantage of providing our customers with extended services, such as:
- Heat treating - Grinding - Welding - Anodizing - Powder coating 

Starting as a small business with screw machines we have grown to add value with CNC machines gaining the capacity to increase precision care towards a product from inception to creation.

Our team is able to work closely with you and your team to create what your imagination dictates. Using our CAD/CAM systems, we can move forward with our testing and prototyping phase prepping for manufacturing.
We’re committed to providing you with the highest level of service, so you’ll always choose us for your Manufacturing​ and Machining needs.

Our Mission 
At VSK Machining we thrive to provide leadership in the Manufacturing world by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and excellence in customer satisfaction.